Wages of Sydney

Sep 17, 2001 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


Event: QUAN SHU FORTRESS, MANCHURIA 1359 A.D. Sydney and Nigel are hot on the trail of a Chinese ""dragon's egg"" concerning an early contact-explosive like nitroglycerine. Rival relic hunter Kane has the map, but has been captured by a local warlor... (more)d, Shandar. The duo have to break Kane out, and then get the map from him and go for the egg. They manage to get hold of it, but Kane and Shandar pursue them, and Sydney uses the explosive to blow up their opponents. Meanwhile, Claudia is off on a ""fashion emergency"" and temp Karen Petrusky is forced to deal with a budget review of Sydney's Ancient Studies department.

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May 21, 2001

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