Just a Little Help

Apr 18, 2004 on SHOWTIME at 10:00 PM

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This heartwarming season opener picks up more or less where the previous season left off. Having lost his job, and a pile of money keeping Stockwell away from the mayoral position, Brian finds himself falling on hard times financially, though he refu... (more)ses to admit it. Though he is offered his old job back, Brian passes because of a contractural obligation that would force him not to work for a competitor. When Brian tries to start his own agency (lovingly named ""Kinnetic"" by Justin,) all his clients turn him down, forcing him to accept donations from a fund raising put together by his friends. Ted, still not able to put his life back together, leaves rehab, despite being ""clean"". A visit from Em provokes nothing but further fights between the two, partially revolving around Ted's now-rather-close-relationship to Blake. The audience is left unsure if they will ever reconcile.

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Season 3 Episode 14

Jun 22, 2003

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Apr 25, 2004