Priorities, Please! (Beat the Time)

Mar 17, 2002 on SHOWTIME at 10:00 PM

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Michael is distraught over the comic book death of his hero (Captain Astro) and sets out on a holy quest (petition) to bring him back to life. Debbie is shocked to discover the body of a boy Justin's age in a dumpster behind the diner. She is even mo... (more)re shocked however when she sees how little regard the others are all paying the situation. Michael soon begins to realize how shallow they are all being and begins to mourn the death of the nameless boy. Emmet wants George to come out and meet his friends, and see Babylon after he learns that George had only been into a gay bar once thirty years ago in San Francisco. He convinces him to join him, and the two have a lovely time. When Emmet wants George to come the next night however he confides he is tired. The two decide to go to the opera (Emmet's first) and the first in years for George. After coming out he put himself into voluntary exile and refused to go, even though it was one of his favorite things to do. During intermission George's ex-wife shows up and the two exchange words before Emmet, fed up with her insinuations puts her in her place. Melanie is not amused with Lindsay's extravagant ideas for their wedding, not wanting to be a wet blanket she must balance her feelings for Lindsay and the wedding, with her feelings of responsibility to the bottom line. Lindsay's mother calls her and explains that she will not allow her late grandmother's dress to be worn by a lesbian, saying that her grandmother never would have allowed it. Lindsay, furious with this, enters her parents house when they are out and tries to steal the dress for herself. Rather than locating the dress however she finds a small satchel of letters from a woman Lindsay had never heard about. As she and Melanie begin to read them they realize that her grandmother was gay, and during the war had an affair with another woman. Justin is now starting to develop a fascination with the murder, saying he and Brian are being too irresponsible, and that

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