The Leper (Hath the Babe Not Eyes?)

Feb 17, 2002 on SHOWTIME at 10:00 PM

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Debbie abandons her usual liberal rhetoric when she learns that Michael's new boyfriend, Ben, has HIV. She tells Michael to stop dating Ben, and her harsh attitude causes a rift between Debbie and Uncle Vic (recurring guest star JACK WETHERALL). Mich... (more)ael continues his relationship with Ben despite the pleas of his mother and friends. But when the moment arrives for Ben and Michael to consummate their relationship, Michael has a change of heart after seeing the multitude of prescription bottles in Ben's medicine cabinet. Meanwhile, Lindsay's parents, the Petersons, refuse to contribute financially to Lindsay and Melanie's wedding because it's "not real." Invited to brunch by Lindsay and Melanie, the Petersons cancel at the last minute. Brian transforms the depressing brunch into a swinging party by spiking the punch with the drug Ecstasy, and Lindsay finally decides she does not need her parents' acceptance of her lifestyle.

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