Episode 2

Dec 16, 2015 on ITV at 9:00 PM


With no idea of where his daughter is, Murdoch refuses to give himself up. He and Jules search for Jules’ brother Daniel, who they think holds the answers, while staying one step ahead of Reinhardt. When Murdoch and Jules are informed by a neigh... (more)bor that Daniel is dead, they are stunned. Jules suspects that Daniel has been harmed by an archenemy from their past, Eddie. Jules and Eddie stole a large sum of money years ago, back in their hometown of Blackpool. Eddie was caught, took the rap and went to prison while Jules got away scot-free. Did Eddie kill Daniel in revenge, and does he now have Lucy? Meanwhile, the body on the roof of the car turns out to be Murdoch’s boss, Jeff Crabtree, who was in serious debt. Did someone pay him to allow Jules to break out of prison? Reinhardt deduces that Jules is returning to home territory and sets off in hot pursuit. Fearing that Eddie might also harm Jules, Murdoch sets out to find him alone. But Eddie has disappeared – and before Murdoch can find out who has his daughter, disaster strikes. Reinhardt catches Murdoch. The chase is over…leaving Lucy remaining in mortal danger.

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