Of Meowth and Pokémon (Part 1): The Millennium Town Meetup

Mar 04, 2003 on Cartoon Network at 7:00 PM


Meowth is ready to have another picnic. As he is about to eat, his sandwhich disappears. He is very confused to where it went. Meowth sees the sandwhich floating on front of him. It runs away and Meowth chases it. Can Meowth solve the sandwich myster... (more)y? Meowth is trying to impress a Skitty. He performs various actions, hoping the Skitty will become interested. When he is very close to giving Skitty a gift, something happens. He has departed from Skitty. What is Meowth left to do, now?

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The Search for the Legend
Season 1 Episode 19

Sep 28, 2004

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Season 1 Episode 22

Dec 24, 2002