Nov 10, 2017 on Disney XD at 7:00 PM


Peanut finds his old collection of Gregazoids figurines, he notices that he's missing one of them and Pickle brings up the suggestion to go to the factory where they make them, when they do arrive there they are informed that the only country that st... (more)ill ever sells them is in Brazil. This encourages the boys to sneak inside the factory only to find out that the Gregazoids are real, the owner Mr. Greg has imprisoned them and Pickle sets them free. Mr. Greg tries to tell them that they're really dangerous to be set free and Pickle and Peanut goes out to collect everyone of them, after Mr. Greg destroys their asteroid spaceship, the Gregazoids turn Pickle and Peanut into Gregazoids and they defeat Mr. Greg. The Gregazoids then use Mr. Gregs body as a spaceship and they fly off their home planet.

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