Granny's House

Nov 09, 2017 on Disney XD at 7:00 PM


Peanut goes to visit his grandmother's house and is shock to hear that Dr. Pamplemousse (who is now a health inspector) will be tearing down the house for there being an abundance of cats living in the house. Pickle and Peanut then realize that there... (more) aren't actually cats in the house, but actors dressed as cats who have been living there for 30 years, Peanut tries to convince Pamplemousse not to demolish the house but he still believes that there is more residents than the required amount living there, Peanut tries to bribe him off by having the cat actors perform a play and he agrees saying how his parents enjoys plays. During the play, the actors find out the Pamplemousse's parents are the critics that force them onto the streets in the first place and are finding difficult to courage up and perform the play.

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Nov 09, 2017

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