To Infinity and Be-pawned!

Apr 26, 2021 on History Channel at 9:00 PM


Rick tries to win one from the Gipper when a special pendant hits the counter. Can the patron saint of pawn shops help Rick land the deal? Next, a massive collection of vinyl LPs has Chum's head spinning. Can he get into a groove with the seller, or ... (more)will this deal get scratched? Then, it's happy days for Corey when a dress from Laverne and Shirley comes into the shop. Will he be able to skirt the issues with this item? Or will Corey take the L and let the dress walk out of the shop? And finally, Rick and Chum get fired up when they head to the desert to shoot the shop's newest firearm. But their canon feels quaint when they spot the big guns - and Rick might just explode from jealousy.

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Season 2021 Episode 6

Apr 19, 2021

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