Guide to: Social Studies & Embarrassment

Nov 12, 2006 on Nickelodeon at 8:00 PM


Social Studies: Ned and friends social studies teacher assigns a group project. The two winners get to on to the Capital for an entire weekend. Cookie wants to work with Lisa, but is assigned with his arch rival, Evelyn. Ned and Moze work together, b... (more)ut Ned is so busy with Susie that he blows off Moze, who in turn becomes jealous. Meanwhile, Mr. Wright needs to get enough courage to get Principal Pal out of the Principal's office, for Pal is supposed to be retiring. But he does not leave. Embarrassment: Ned farts in class and is completely embarrassed. He needs to keep from being embarrassed for the rest of the day so Susie wont think he is gross. Moze hurts herself playing volleyball, and is trying to impress a new kid. But she keeps embarrassing herself. Loomer calls a "Pants Cookie" tournament, and now half of the eighth grade is out to pants Cookie.

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