Guide to: Art Class & Lost and Found

Nov 05, 2006 on Nickelodeon at 8:00 PM


Art Class: Art class is in debt, and so the course is going to be canceled. To save it, they have an art show to raise money. Ned makes a Orange Naked Lady painting by mistake. Cookie hires a bunch of 6th Graders to make pots for him for Christmas pr... (more)esents. Moze takes pictures of people without them knowing an exposes many disturbing facts. Lost and Found: Ned discovers a pair of shoes in the lost and found box, and attempts to make sure no one claims them before the end of the day, so they will become his. Moze tries to stop him, and so he needs to figure out a way to make her quit. Cookie loses an MP3 player with a very embarrassing file on it, and needs to get it back before the entire school hears it.

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