Jackpot (2)

May 19, 2000 on CBS at 12:00 AM


Nash and Joe arrive in Las Vegas, and locate assassin Roy McNeer's hotel room. His food is still warm, as Nash and Joe spot McNeer in a casino. Nash and Joe give chase, but are held up by the hotel security guards, as McNeer escapes. Nash and Joe ch... (more)eck into the hotel - Pepe is the concierge. They locate McNeer's girl, Vivienne Reed, and she agrees to tell Joe if McNeer calls her. The truck full of half a billion in laundered cash is hijacked. The two thugs contact Tony B to ransom the truck for $50,000. Tony B and the SIU meet them and get the truck back. Harvey, Evan, Officer Ronnie and Tony B go to Las Vegas with the truck full of money. Jake Cage shows up in Las Vegas too, with orders from Caitlin and the Mayor's Office to bring back Nash. But Jake agrees to help Nash instead after an altercation. Nash meets with Ellen Holiday. She fills Nash in on the rest of the DEA investigation. Jimmy Z works for a drug king pin coming in from Shanghai - they have ordered the hit on Police Chief

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