Jackpot (1)

May 05, 2000 on CBS at 12:00 AM


Nash and Joe get a tip from Tony B that there is a hit out on Chief of Police Frank Girard. But it's already too late, as the Chief's car is shot up - the Chief and his driver are killed. Nash and Joe arrive to find the carnage. The Chief was a clos... (more)e friend of Nash's. There was one driver, one triggerman, using a bright red Impala. The Impala crashed into a taxi, leaving behind a paint sample. Thanks to Caitlin's suggestion, the SIU and the Embarcadero station are sharing office space in the barge. There is total chaos, as Joe is forced to share a desk with Jake Cage. Tony B is interrogated. Tony B has a new business - Bay Area Switches. The trucking business is really a front to ship money to Las Vegas to be laundered. Tony B's contact is Ellen Holiday. Holiday is in contact with the assassin of the Chief and with Jimmy Z, head of the money-laundering operation. Holiday is arrested and questioned, but she reveals nothing. The red Impala is found, tracked to a Melvin from a wrecking ya

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Apr 28, 2000

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