NY Med 7/24

Jul 24, 2014 on ABC at 12:00 AM


t’s just another day at Newark’s University Hospital. First, Dr. Hugo Razo saves a man dying from a blood clot in his lungs and then hustles across the ER to assist security guards restraining a violent patient. Meanwhile his ER colleague, Dr. Tiffan... (more)y Murano treats a flirtatious patient with a sports injury and a wife who is just about out of patience. Later, Dr. Murano's good humor runs out when a paramedic gets snippy with her. Arriving by ambulance with an aorta about to rupture, a woman in her late 60s tells doctors that she has finally met the “love of her life,” a widower who is devoted to her. She fears that if she doesn't make it, fate will have robbed her boyfriend twice. But her surgeon, Allan Stewart, who was enroute to visit his kids, reveals that he is wearing a Superman costume under his clothes. He vows to do a “super” surgery to make this romance last. Rita Respass-Brown is a devoted and vivacious mother of three grown children who are not ready to let her go. A loving parent and founder of a school in Florida, Rita has everything she could ever want in life. But with her kidneys failing and 100,000 people on the transplant waitlist, Rita’s chances are not good. But an angel might be closer to Rita than she realizes when she learns her son could be a perfect match. This week, ER doctor Debbie Yi faces heartbreaking disappointment and opens up, for the first time, about her own personal struggle after a patient experiences a similar traumatic loss. But what Dr. Yi doesn't know is that the future may be brighter than she thinks. In a surprising twist, viewers will rejoice as Dr. Yi saves lives and sees her own deepest wishes come true.

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