The Screaming Skull

Aug 29, 1998 on Netflix at 12:00 AM


Movie Plot: The skull of a man's ex-wife comes back to haunt him. Also riffed: the Gumby short "Robot Rumpus." Intro: Servo becomes a butterfly. Segment One: Pearl, Bobo, and Brain Guy dress as penguins as a prank on Mike. Mike isn't amused. S... (more)egment Two: The 'bots deal with the concept of Gumby killing robots. Segment Three: Servo tries to get a free coffin. Segment Four: Crow becomes a screaming skull. Segment Five: Servo uses Mike's credit card to pay for the coffin. Brain Guy shrinks Bobo to tiny size. Stinger: Our hero flings his stool. Original film made in 1958.

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Aug 15, 1998

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