The Projected Man

Mar 14, 1998 on Netflix at 12:00 AM


Movie Plot: A scientist is turned into a monster when his matter transference beam malfunctions. Intro: After another wormhole, the crew is back orbiting present day Earth. Segment One: Pearl, Bobo, and Brain Guy find an old castle which turns out... (more) to be Pearl's ancestral home. Segment Two: The 'bots "project" some of Mike's treasured objects to an undisclosed location. Segment Three: Pearl reads about the Forrester family history. Mike pleads for one of the movie's characters to stay. Segment Four: Crow gets the touch of death and tries to kill Mike. Segment Five: Mike denies Servo a grant, but gives one to Crow. Pearl decides to set up shop in the castle permanently. Stinger: Lembach decides to stay in London. Original film made in 1967.

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