Operation Double 007

Sep 11, 1993 on Netflix at 3:01 AM


Movie Plot: The evil "Mr. Thayer" attempts to take over the world by freezing all machinery. Stars Sean Connery's brother, Neil. On the SOL: Joel shows some old home movies / Crow invents a variation on the bird that dips and drinks from a glass of w... (more)ater / Joel, mocking the cheesy visuals of the movie, wants a back rub / the crew compares the careers of the Connery brothers / Dr. Forrester's magnetizer causes the 'bots to stick to the walls. An old Russian satellite, complete with dog, also gets stuck to the SOL. In Deep 13: Frank is in a very Bavarian mood, inventing ""Lederhosen-hosen"", pants with a hose through them. He gets depressed when he realizes how lame it is / Torgo stops by to deliver some "Mr. Pibb"s the the Mads ordered / Dr. Forrester magnetizes the SOL, and Frank tries to speak German. Original film made in 1967.

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