Mascot Mayhem

Mar 03, 2014 on food network at 10:00 PM

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Blaine Cook, the owner of Zippy's Giant Burgers in Seattle, calls Charles Stiles to investigate rumors he's heard that his employee Aaron working as the costumed mascot Zippy the Yum Yum Burger Boy is misbehaving. The Mystery Diners go undercover and... (more) point to big problems when they reveal who was behind the whole misbehavior, Aaron's friend and roommate named Dopey Dan. He has been showing up intoxicated as a favor while Aaron visits his sick mother in secret to handle her errands. When the two are confronted, Blaine expresses his disappointment in Aaron for having Dan cover his shifts. Stiles asks Aaron why he doesn't have Dan take care of his mother's errands. Aaron stated that he wouldn't trust Dan to do any sort of errands for his mother. Stiles also points out that he made the mistake of trusting Dan to come to his place of work to cover his shifts and having him wear the Zippy costume while intoxicated. Aaron is reprimanded by Blaine and is told if he needs time off next time to take care of his mother's errands, they will discuss it. Until then, he is suspended for a week, and Blaine also tells Dan that he is no longer allowed on the property. The narrator revealed that Aaron has made amends with the owner and nobody else wears the Zippy the Yum Yum Burger Boy costume without the owner's approval. Dan is mentioned to still be unemployed.

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