Feb 03, 2014 on food network at 10:00 PM

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Cindy, the co-owner of Speisekammer is Alameda, California believes the "Dirndl Girls" hired by her ex-husband, Peter, are the source of many problems. Peter disagrees and thinks it's her recently hired waiter named Tim that behind the problems. They... (more) Mystery Diners show Cindy why she had a right to be concerned when they point to big problems with two of the Dirndl Girls named Angela and Shana. They are not only speaking poorly of her behind her back, but are also drinking on the job, stealing tips, and rigging the mass holding competition to allow their friends to win. Only one Dirndl girl named Danielle, is actually a model employee. Bigger problems are exposed when Tim is revealed to be involved with Angela and Shana's scheme. Knowing that both Cindy and Peter often disagree about the work ethics in the restaurant, he takes advantage of it by pitting the two against each other. After firing Angela and Shana during the confrontation, Peter reluctantly apologizes for not trusting Cindy earlier and agrees to help her deal with Tim in the morning. The narrator revealed Angela and Shana found employment elsewhere. Danielle continues to work as a Dirndl Girl part time. Tim was confronted for his involvement by Cindy and Peter and has made amends for his actions.

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