While the Cat's Away...

Aug 14, 2013 on food network at 10:00 PM

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After nearly losing his life during a paragliding accident in Brazil, the owner of Gauchos Village in Glendale, California is finding discrepancies in his revenue and inventory since his return to the business. He believes that his chef is involved. ... (more)The Mystery Diners go undercover and discover the chef is not behind the discrepancies. Instead, they find big problems with the manager who is behind the discrepancies and missing inventory. He has taken advantage of his absence by badmouthing him to the staff, letting women take leftovers home (which is against normal practice of a churrascaria), selling meat to the staff, and using it and the restaurant's alcohol to host a barbecue at his place. During the confrontation, the manager claimed the alcohol and the meat were meant to be used as a surprise barbecue for the owner. He doesn't believe the manager's claims and fires him for it. The narrator revealed that the former manager found employment elsewhere. The chef was promoted to executive chef while continuing to be a valuable employee. The owner has returned to work full-time and has retrained the staff.

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