Everyday Life with Monster Girls

Sep 23, 2015 on Tokyo MX at 12:30 AM


To prevent the dullahan from collecting Kimihito's soul, the girls decide to take him away from her as far as possible, but their attempts only cause more injures to him as usual, until Rachnera appears with the dullahan, claiming that if she is real... (more)ly a reaper of souls, there is nothing they can do to prevent his death. When Miia decides to die along with Kimihito, claiming that she cannot bear losing him, Kimihito decides to stop running away and face his imminent death as the dullahan predicted, but to everybody's surprise, nothing happens. Back at home, Kimihito and the girls discover from Ms. Smith that her name is Lala, and she is no reaper of souls at all, having ran away from several host families where she previously lived, and lets her live with Kimihito and the others by her request. When questioned about how he saw through Lala's lies, Kimihito answers that he just realized that she has a late case of eighth grade syndrome, and when questioned if he had such thing when he was younger, he denies it, but a quick flashback shows that he did. Some time later, Kimihito realizes that he is at the end of his savings and there is no more food in the house after Miia's attempts to cook ended up in a total disaster. He then sets up for groceries with Cerea, Papi, Mero and Suu, and the monster girls' sympathy with the local vendors earn them some merchandise with a special discount. To obtain some extra vegetables, Kimihito and Suu pay a visit to Kii, who guides them to an area with several plants, and Kimihito learns that Suu has the capacity to diferentiate the edible ones from the poisonous ones by tasting them. On the way back home, Kimihito is attacked by Draco, but Suu defends him with the poison she stored inside her body during the plant tasting. Once returning, Kimihito prepares dinner for the girls, when Ms. Smith and the girls from MON suddenly appear to dine with them as well exausting all of the food's house supply once again, but Ms. Smith explains th

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Everyday Life with a Dullahan
Season 1 Episode 11

Sep 16, 2015