Free Wi-Fi

Jun 30, 2014 on DiSNEY XD at 8:30 PM


Kaz hasn't read his reading book again, so he decides to copy Oliver's study guide, which is on his flash drive. Kaz retrieves the flash drive from the junk drawer, but when he follows the instructions the personal computer assistant gives him, he re... (more)leases the assistant, who reveals himself to be a villain, and the flash drive was really a digital prison. The villain traps Kaz in the computer and begins searching for Mighty Med's main computer. When Oliver opens the laptop and finds Kaz, he brings it to Benny, who reveals the villain is Wi-Fi, and Kaz will be deleted if Wi-Fi's virus reaches him. Oliver brings him to a 3D printer, and Kaz is released just in time. However, Wi-Fi is searching for the list of superheroes to sell to the other villains, and rewires Titanio to attack Kaz, Oliver, and Benny. Kaz says he's going to transfer the files onto Horace's laptop out loud and Wi-Fi jumps in the computer and opens the downloaded file, only to discover they're all pictures of bridges, and Kaz puts Wi-Fi back in the flash drive before the villain figures it out. Meanwhile, Alan wants to meet his father, a superhero named Optimo, but Horace won't allow because Optimo's too important and it could put them in danger. Skylar agrees to help him find the mysterious superhero, but all they find is a regular guy named Nelson. Skylar realizes his father must be a Normo, and when Horace arrives to collect them, he reluctantly confirms it. Alan is desperate to prove his father is a superhero and uses his powers so Nelson will save him, but is proven wrong. Horace stays back to wipe Nelson's mind of Alan's powers, but it is revealed Nelson really is the superhero Optimo, who acknowledges Alan as his son, but knows he could put them in danger if he has a relationship with him.

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