Guitar Superhero

Jun 23, 2014 on DiSNEY XD at 8:30 PM


When a freak accident suddenly gives edgy rock star Jade super powers at a concert, attendees Kaz and Oliver recognize a new hero in her, and introduce her to Mighty Med. Jade becomes the hero Remix with Kaz and Oliver's help, but Skylar isn't convin... (more)ced she's a hero when she's very demanding of service. Skylar decides to teach her a lesson by having Titanio dress like Soul Slayer, a teleporting villain, to attack her during rehearsal. When the real Soul Slayer arrives, Jade must become a real hero to save a powerless Skylar from Soul Slayer. Meanwhile, Jordan and Gus learn they will be dissecting frogs in class and Jordan plots to steal it to save it from dissection, but when they attempt to retrieve Gus' ransom note, their teacher catches them and reveals that when she discovered it was gone, she assumed they were trying to save it and told a local animal rights organization who will give the savior one thousand dollars, which goes to Gus since Jordan made him take the blame, much to her disappointment.

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Jun 16, 2014

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