Fantasy League of Heroes

Jun 09, 2014 on DiSNEY XD at 8:30 PM


Kaz's fantasy football team always loses, so he get's upset since he never wins at anything. But when Tecton rescues Oliver from another superhero's snot rocket, Kaz makes up a fantasy superhero league. At first, it's a success, but when everybody go... (more)es to stop a runaway Ferris wheel for points, a villain named Sonic Shriek gets the chance to destroy the Benjamin Franklin bridge, and two superheroes, Tecton and Captain Atomic, turn on each other. Thankfully, Sonic Shriek's plan is foiled by Tecton, Captain Atomic, Skylar, and Kaz. Meanwhile, Oliver teaches Horace about Normo football. When Alan says he knows more about football than Oliver, they settle their differences with a trivia contest. However, Oliver is distracted by Alan's partner, Adrian Peterson. In the end, Oliver and Horace lose, so they have to sing a song about Alan.

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Season 1 Episode 17

Apr 21, 2014

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