First Drive - IT RIPS!! (Poor Little MR2...)

Apr 01, 2020 on YouTube at 12:00 AM


First drive in 5 years! It's clear now that the JDM MR2 stands no chance against the mighty Moog Buggy. In this episode we take it for the first drive after over 5 years in storage (and it absolutely rips!) But before we hit the battle pad, it needs ... (more)brakes, a tune and some final mods in preparation for the challenges. Meanwhile Marty is working on his MR2 but probably has worked out by now that his rust infested Toyota stands now chance against the mighty Carby fuelled VW Beetle from the 1970s.

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The MR2 gets a shiny new turbo
Season 12 Episode 16

Mar 28, 2020

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