WILL IT RUN? Turning The Key After 5 Years [$10,000 Rear Engine Challenge]

Mar 17, 2020 on YouTube at 12:00 AM


After years of neglect and shed storage, we're attempting to get this old VW Buggy working again so it can go head to head in a race with Martys JDM MR2. With just $10,000 each to buy and fix a car, we have to get our nuggets working and ready for ba... (more)ttle! But seems old VW's can be temperamental and need some extra love. After a complete carburettor rebuild and a complete new fuel system, we're trying to start this car for the first time in half a decade. But some of the parts we need to research have had questionable Google results... (make sure your Safe Search is on)

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This MR2 is full of (nasty) surprises
Season 12 Episode 15

Mar 24, 2020