The Day They Captured Santa Claus

Dec 27, 1962 on ABC at 12:00 AM


Mchale decides for Christmas he and the crew of PT-73 will pay a visit to the Sister Monique and the children dressed up in a Santa Claus outfit and elf outfits. Mchale would parachute from a plane first and meet the kids and PT-73 would follow a lit... (more)tle while after. Mchale jumps in his Santa outfit but when he lands he finds the island was overtaken by Japanese and was captured. Mchale as usual cons he's why through the itterogation and he claims that a new secret weapon is on it's way, just then PT-73 arrives singing Christmas carrols and dressed in elf outfits. The Japanese commander becomes scared fearing that this was some kind new of physcological warfare and he surrenders.

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Season 1 Episode 10

Dec 20, 1962

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