Aug 31, 2013 on DiSNEY XD at 10:00 AM


Extroyer's henchmen steal a package from a science lab and then park their car in a place where they sell preowned cars by accident. The next morning Max and Kirby buy the car and Extroyer's Henchmens start searching for the car. Berto turns the car ... (more)into a Turbo Car and Extroyer's Henchmens kidnap Sydney. Max follows them while the old man that was checking how well Max can drive fell asleep. Max and Steel get Ultra-Linked and then they enter Extroyer's secret hideout and then Extroyer knocks Max Steel out. Extroyer says that if he doesn't give him the package, they will kill Sydney. Max gives the package to Extroyer and finds to their shock that it doesn't just carry animals' DNA, but of the most dangerous and ferocious animals that exist in the world. He morphs into a black cobra and fights with Max Steel. Steel takes Sydney to a police station by using the auto GPS in the Turbo Car. Then Extroyer turns back to normal and when he was going to morph into a deadly saber tooth tiger, Steel drove over him and all the animal DNAs fell on him and he morphed into them all and then he turned big but failed to morph correctly which turns him back into his appearance as a deformed spiky creature. Max, Steel, and Extroyer's henchmen ditch him. Afterwards Max earns his driver's license and he and Steel go on a drive, while Extroyer's henchmen go to Las Vegas. NOTE: In this episode, there were cameos of some characters, like the truck man, Reporter, and Vendor.

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