Mr. Selfridge II: (Episode 1)

Mar 30, 2014 on PBS at 9:00 PM


Masterpiece Classic It's 1914, and Selfridge & Company are celebrating their 5th anniversary. There is still a great rift between Harry and Rose, made worse by the presence of Delphine Day. Their son, Gordon, also adds to the tension with his desire... (more) to leave school and work in the store. Agnes Towler returns from Paris and takes over as head of departmental displays; and mysterious events unfold after Lady Mae's husband unexpectedly arrives in London. Soon, there are rumors of impending war, and the staff are worried Selfridge will return to America if war breaks out. In attempts to reassure the staff, Selfridge organizes a special Empire Exhibition and a staff party. Hoping for reconciliation, Rose makes arrangements for the party to be held at Delphine's club, creating much anxiety for Selfridge. Originally aired in the UK as Series II, Episode 1 & Episode 2

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