The Forsyte Saga, I (7)

Nov 17, 2002 on PBS at 9:00 PM


The dawn of a new century doesn't necessarily bring an end to old conflicts as the Forsyte family chronicle ends---for now. Masterpiece Theatre's dramatization of the first two novels in John Galsworthy's original Forsyte trilogy did not disappoint... (more). Another set of stories, encompassing the third novel, is currently filming in England. Soames is desperate for a son---""on any terms!"" he screams to Irene. But for that to happen, Soames must divorce Irene. And Irene, as it happens, is growing ever closer to Young Jolyon. She finds any thought of reconciliation with Soames a ""degredation."" His private investigators, however, have led him to the conclusion that she and Jolyon are having an affair. Upon stumbling upon them at Robin Hill, he insists that they stay away from each other or he will divorce her with ""all degredation."" They show no sign of obliging, and falsely admit to having an affair. Soames, then procedes with the divorce. He mentions to Winnifred that it is a sad conc

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