Battleground Earth (2)

Sep 29, 1996 on ABC (US) at 12:00 AM

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Lord Nor accuses Clark of treason, and wants him on trial for the Kryptonian Law. Clark is sentenced guilty, and sentenced to death. Ching tells the tribunal that there is one law saying that Clark can have a duel with Nor, that saves his life. When ... (more)they are dueling, Coronel Cash releases a Kryptonian gas to kill Nor and Superman, but, for Clark's luck, before the release of the gas, Nor's men appear. Then, they and Nor absorb most of the gas because they knocked out on Superman. After the defeat of Nor and his men, Zara and Ching leaves to rule New Krypton, and Clark makes a final proposal to Lois.

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Sep 22, 1996

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