Slumber of the Moth Monster

Mar 21, 2015 on NHK at 5:30 PM

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At moonrise, the player cities of Akihabara, Susukino and Minami are all simultaneously attacked by swarms of Eternal Moth monsters, whose scales rain down and knock people into a state of sleep by draining their magic points. The Brigade of the West... (more) Wind soon discover the moths' nest located in a new raid zone in the Shibuya broadcast building and the Round Table postulate that the monsters had been drawn to the broadcasting antenna from the Moon. Filled with uncertainty, Shiroe decides to put together a raiding party and makes the difficult choice of destroying the antenna. The raiding party then fights their way through Shibuya and manage to enter the raid zone in the broadcast building. However Shiroe's uncertainty hinders his strategic insight and allows the sheer volume of monsters to overwhelm the party from all angles, forcing them to make a hasty retreat.

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