2.14 A Tender Trap

Dec 27, 2014 on NHK at 5:30 PM

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Valentine's Day arrives and the city of Akihabara once again gears up to mark the festivities. Meanwhile, Shiroe has a surprising reaction when Tetra teases him about his relationship with the former leader of the Debauchery Tea Party—Kanami. Afterwa... (more)rds Minori eavesdrops on Tetra as she gives Akatsuki useful information about the coconia fruit and its curious effect on a loved one if presented on Valentine's Day. Elsewhere, Shiroe and Issac discuss the current state of Akihabara and the latter reports its peaceful nature, with the combat guilds taking shifts to maintain order despite the absence of the Royal Guard and the city's magic circle. At the same time, Roderic and Ichimonjinosuke present Misa with a new prosthetic arm to replace the one she lost at Seventh Fall and they hypothesize that it may be in the same place where Krusty was taken too.

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