Round-Table Meeting

Nov 30, 2013 on NHK at 5:30 PM

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The Round Table Conference begins as the masters of Akihibara's most influential guilds gather at the city's Guild Hall. Shiroe firstly eases that he seeks only to improve the city's living state, prompting disinterest and departure from Silver Sword... (more)'s guild master—William Massachusetts. Unperturbed, Shiroe continues his explanation of the conference's formation. Elsewhere, as the Hamelin captives prepare to escape, Shiroe mentions the EXP Pot extortion campaign including Susukino's dire state with Black Sword Knights' guild master—Issac arguing the lack of laws in the world. D.D.D.'s guild master—Crusty asks of a guild's fate should they refuse the laws to which Shiroe proposes harsh sanctioning. However, Honesty's guild master—Ein along with Issac and Crusty argue of the agreement's flaw should they refuse to cooperate, with Issac even threatening war.

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