War of the Woods

Aug 10, 2002 on FOX at 11:30 AM


Whispy Woods warns Tuff, Kirby, Tokkori, and their friends of a premonition he has: His wise old friend, Acore may be in some sort of danger. Tuff agrees to help, only he is unsure of the exact danger: a gang of forest animals that claim to be protec... (more)ting the sleeping Acore, King Dedede and Escargoon, or a nasty rainstorm that's approaching Dreamland. After a brawl with the animals (and with some advice from Coo and Tiff), they discover the true danger is indeed not the animals. But is Triple D more dangerous than Nature itself?

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Season 2 Episode 17

Aug 03, 2002

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Scare Tactics (1)
Season 2 Episode 19

Aug 17, 2002