Hatch Me if You Can

May 04, 2002 on FOX at 11:30 AM


Dedede hides a Golba egg under a sleeping Kirby so that when the egg hatches, Kirby will develop a bond with it. The baby Golba that hatches becomes fast friends with Kirby, but it has an appetite even more out of control than Kirby's and terrorizes ... (more)Cappy Town by eating all the food. The citizens order Kirby to take the creature away, but then Dedede sends in a full grown Golba to attack! Unfortunately, his bond with the baby Golba is making Kirby not want to hurt the full grown one. Can Kirby overcome this and defeat the Golba before he's fried to a crisp?

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The Hot Shot Chef / A Spice Oddysey
Season 2 Episode 3

Apr 27, 2002

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Season 2 Episode 5

May 11, 2002

Guest stars

Frank Frankson