Double Danger

Nov 13, 1964 on ABC (US) at 7:30 PM

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The team is in Thailand, where Dr. Quest is conducting research into a new formula that "numbs" the mind. This formula could make it possible for men to take long space voyages in small space capsules without going stir crazy. But it has a more sin... (more)ister use -- at higher concentrations, it numbs the will, making the victim unable to resist obeying. Of course, a sinister mastermind has plans for this use of the drug. To that end, he has trained and prepared a man named Korchek -- a man who is an exact duplicate for Race Bannon! Fortunately, the mysterious Jezebel Jade visits, and proves there are some ways a woman can't be fooled ... but when she and the boys attempt to rescue Race, they're trapped inside an ancient Buddha. Meanwhile, Dr. Quest doesn't yet suspect Korchek until he catches the "double agent" searching for the formula. Korchek puts the pressure on, but fortunately Race, Jezebel, and the boys manage to escape their ancient prison (perhaps the "statue" of limitations ran

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Nov 06, 1964

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