And Justice for All

Feb 23, 2005 on The WB at 9:00 PM


Peter is forced to take action after learning about the relationship between Grace and Tom (Bradley Cooper). Grace has to go up against the University Ethics Committee when they find out about her relationship with Tom. Bobby and Warren solicite them... (more)selves to members in the neighborhood to do odd jobs, but they keep getting rejected until Mrs. Sorensen has them clean out her infested garage at a very low wage. In a twist, Bobby finds Jack's wallet in the garage that was stolen by one of the guys that robbed him and finds out Mrs. Sorensens godson Ted was storing stuff in his garage. Jack and Marcus decide to confront him where he works, but it doesn't go well. Then, Jack and Marcus immediately call the police but things don't go so well. Marcus and Jack then decide to take matters into their own hands with Ted, but it backfires. In the future Pres. McCallister has to handle being criticized by former Pres. Adler in retaliation to when McCallister criticzed Adler when he was president a

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Season 1 Episode 15

Feb 16, 2005

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