Gaz, Taster of Pork

Aug 12, 2006 on nickelodeon at 2:30 PM

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When Dib finally manages to get his book of spells somewhat fixed, he casts a spell on his sister in order to test and see if things work properly. However, when the spell makes everything Gaz eat taste like pork, Gaz threatens to destroy him if he d... (more)oesn’t help her get back to normal. All their father could do was put Gaz in a cage and treat her like a freak so Dib goes off to ask the Swollen Eyeball Network if they have any advice on the situation; there is only one way Gaz can get her sense of taste restored: she must travel to an alternate dimension and get The Pork King to return her back to normal.

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Season 2 Episode 8

Jul 22, 2006

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