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Kristen lost her grandfather, and her parents divorced in the same year. No one ever explained what loss was to her, and that year was the year everything changed. She went from a good student and daughter, to a life of drugs, sex, and defiance in gr... (more)ade 8. She became pregnant when she was 18 to a daughter named Sadie. Now Kristen, 24, lives a life addicted to heroin. She says it only took one try of the addictive drug to be hooked. Now her daughter lives with her father, and Kristen only sees her once a week, under supervision of her Mother. Sadie does not want to ever sleepover at her moms house because she is afraid of her when she is either high on heroin, or getting beat up by her abusive boyfriend. Kristen lost her job as a prostitute during filming of Intervention because they found out about the documentary. Finally Kristen has the intervention, and agrees to go to counselling after a little encouragement from her uncle and daughter. Kristen successfully completed the program.

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Jan 08, 2006

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