Marine Corps Martial Arts

Sep 21, 2007 on HISTORY at 10:00 PM

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Hosts Bill Duff and Jason Chambers travel to Quantico, Virginia to get a painful lesson in the martial art that has helped create the Marines' widely feared reputation, the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. The Marine Corps Martial Arts Program or M... (more)CMAP is the martial art developed by the United States Marine Corps to combine hand-to-hand and weapon based combat with a basis of morale and team-building functions. The MCMAP was created in 2001 to train Marines and US Navy personnel who were assigned to Marine Units to fight in unarmed combat as well as specific armed situations with a rifle or bayonet but it also teaches how to fight in weapons of oppurtunity situations which means whatever you find to fight with, use it! The MCMAP uses over 180 deadly moves derived from ancient martial arts all around the world which Bill and Jason will need to learn before they take the Human Weapon challenge of the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program.

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