Subterranean Rover Blues

Jan 12, 2009 on Discovery Channel at 12:00 AM


Geoff is inspired to build a hi-speed concept-vehicle, the Personal Assault Lander (PAL), that can travel on water and land. It's been a life-long dream of his, and despite the company's deadlines, he decides now is the time to do it. But H&H is havi... (more)ng trouble fabricating a fleet of Subterranean Rovers and is way behind schedule. In a reversal of their usual roles, Mike is being the responsible one, worrying about their core business, while Geoff is focusing on a far-out research and development project. The tension only grows as the PAL hits some serious speed bumps and the Rovers fall further behind. Will Geoff hit another R&D home-run or will his pet project sink H&H?

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Season 1 Episode 1

Jan 05, 2009

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