Episode 10

Apr 02, 2016 on Hulu at 12:00 PM


The first half of the episode is set in 1976. Horace senior (Louis C.K.) is abusive and controlling towards his wife Marianne (Edie Falco) and children; he forbids his wife from seeing her sister Abbie (Deborah Offner). In the bar, a broke customer (... (more)David Blaine) attempts to scam free drinks with a magic trick. Jimmy (Colin Quinn) and other customers argue about the presidential candidacy of Jimmy Carter. Uncle Pete (Steve Buscemi) humiliates his nephew Horace in front of the customers. Marianne finally walks out on her husband after years of abuse taking Sylvia (Sofia Hublitz) and Horace (Jack Gore), but leaving Pete (Nolan Lyons). The second half of the episode is set in the present. Kurt and other customers discuss Donald Trump. Ricardo visits the bar and tells Horace and Sylvia that Pete is almost certainly dead, and they will have to call the search off. Sylvia tells Horace that she intends to leave the bar and live with Harold. An eccentric and extraverted woman named Mara (Amy Sedaris) lifts Horace's mood when she interviews for the job. Horace tells Sylvia he knows what he wants to do with his life now. Pete returns to the bar and picks up a knife. Sylvia screams as Pete kills Horace. As Sylvia prepares to leave with Harold, Horace's son, Horace IX (Angus T. Jones) comes in the bar and asks about his father. Sylvia says there was nothing particularly distinctive about Horace, then breaks down in tears.

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