Episode 6

Mar 05, 2016 on Hulu at 12:00 PM


Pete goes on a date with Jenny (Hannah Dunne), a woman he met online. Pete, who was honest in his profile and was looking for a woman close to his own age, is somewhat disconcerted when she turns out to be much younger than she claimed in her profile... (more). She is a sweet, somewhat conservative and old-fashioned small town girl from Michigan who says grace before meals and prefers older men because they have better manners. The date starts awkwardly, but they warm to each other and begin a romantic relationship. Jenny comes to have dinner at the apartment and meets Horace and Sylvia. Sylvia and Horace cruelly sabotage their relationship by barraging Jenny with Pete's flaws, including his mental illness. Jenny berates Sylvia and Horace and walks out.

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