Welcome to Winter

Sep 03, 2013 on Discovery at 10:00 PM


Jamie Davis, eager for the winter season to begin, has one thing on his mind - amp up his manpower and his equipment, so he's ready for anything that happens on the mountain. He has brought back a big crew - Adam Gazzola, Narayan Samy, Kevin Ritchie,... (more) Rob Mitchell, Bruce Hardy, Ken Monkhouse, the new guy Gord Lundin, and Davis' stepson Brandon Kodallas. Everyone has big, but not always realistic, expectations for the winter ahead. On the first job of the season, Davis' team struggles to find their groove unloading and recovering an expensive B-Train full of lumber for an important client. That night on the Coquihalla, Gazzola is first on site to a grocery truck fully engulfed in flames. With no fire department to help, Gazzola tries out an old fire truck Davis bought for cheap. Ritchie jumps to the task, but the truck is slow to start, and Davis' crew is left to struggle to put out the fire and get the truck off the highway. Later, Davis begins to doubt the optimistic gamble he's made this season and questions if he's brought on too much manpower and possibly the wrong machines.

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Dec 25, 2012

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