Roughing Up the Rookie

Sep 25, 2012 on Discovery at 10:00 PM


To keep up with a busy season, Jamie hires on a new guy, greenhorn driver Rob. When Rob turns out to be a slow learner - and then goes AWOL during a major blizzard - Jamie's patience is pushed to the breaking point. Out of boredom, a prank on Rob end... (more)ed on a sour note when news of a reefer truck with frozen foods crashes over a bank that ended up killing the driver, Jamie is forced to bring in a pick-up crew just to do the recovery while Rob guards the trailer. However, with the cables for flipping the truck snapping, Jamie could get eletrocuted under the live electrical cables. Before firing Rob, he decides to give him one last chance when a call comes in for a repo job.

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Season 1 Episode 3

Sep 18, 2012

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