Master of Monster

Dec 12, 2001 on Fuji TV at 12:00 PM


Almost commiting suicide, Integra is being operated on to save her life. While the operation is going on, we see the history of Integra's ascension to power. We learn that her uncle tried to take her father's place as head of the Hellsing organizat... (more)ion, and in attempt to assume power, tried to kill off Integra while Walter was away (presumably on duty). Integra recalls her father's words of her going to a prison cell on the bottom floor if she ever found herself in a moment of insurmountable peril. There she finds Arucard, while at the same time found and attacked by her uncle and associates. After being shot in the shoulder, her blood awakens Arucard, who quickly takes care of her uncle's goons, and recognizes her as her father's successor. As her first encounter with Arucard concludes, she awakens from her state to find that the operation was a success... Walter has already set up her afternoon tea for her.

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Dec 05, 2001

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