Guinness World Records Gone Wild

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Thursday 8:00 PM on truTV
Guinness World Records Gone Wild, also known as Guinness World Records Unleashed, is an American reality television series on truTV. From the larges... (more)t to the heaviest to the fastest to the downright ickiest, the Guinness World Records book is filled with every imaginable achievement. But its pages are always being rewritten, as there is no shortage of people with determination and drive who yearn to be part of history, truTV features some of those people, average, everyday folks who push themselves to accomplish incredible feats. Hosted by Dan Cortese, the series spotlights daring and fearless record hopefuls as they attempt to, for instance, break marks for the most panes of glass run in one minute, highest dive into 12 inches of water, most kicks to the head in one minute, most live cockroaches held in the mouth.

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