The Crystal Maiden: Belize & France

Mar 07, 2012 on Syfy at 9:00 PM

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In San Ignacio, Belize the team investigates caves that the ancient Mayans believed were the first of nine layers to the underworld. The caves were the sites of numerous human sacrifices, including that of the Crystal Maiden, whose bones have been t... (more)here so long they have crystallized into the cave floor. Claims at the cave, as reported by cave guide Emil Gamez, include chanting noises, balls of fiery light and spirits that pass through people's bodies. In the tomb-like area of the Crystal Maiden people feel strange energy, a sense of unwelcome and glowing lights around the Maiden. Next the team investigates a 14th century mansion in Queaux, France where a ghost named Alice is haunting the women visitors to the home. She died in the 1920's of a kidney infection and now it seems that any woman who stays in Alice's room gets the same infection! Even the homeowner's daughter ends up in the hospital. How creepy! Full body apparitions, voices, touching, violent noises and shadows add to the mystery.

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