Heist Fear Factor

Dec 06, 2005 on NBC at 10:00 PM

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This episode featured four co-ed pairs competing for keys to an armored car containing $1 Million in gold. In addition to the money, the winning team would also win a trip to Universal Studios Orlando. Stunt #1 (Helicopter cargo net) As a helicop... (more)ter flew 400 feet above a lake at 90 miles per hour, the men would have to climb out onto a cargo net hanging off the back, collect four flags from the net, climb back up into the helicopter, and collect a final flag. The women would then have to do the same. The three teams to get the highest total of flags in the fastest time would receive a key for the armored car. The team to get the least flags would be eliminated. Stunt #2 (Tunnel Escape) While chained together, partners would have to make their way through a ventilation system. While crawling through the shafts, they would have to make their way through rats, spider webs with tarantulas, raw sewage, and complete darkness. At two points in the tunnel they would have to pull levers to extinguish fires blocking their paths. The two teams to complete this stunt fastest would earn their second keys and advance to the finals. The slowest team would be eliminated. Stunt #3 (Underwater heist) After receiving their third keys, teams would compete head-to-head removing $12,500 gold bricks and $100 gold coins from the submerged armored car. The men would have to open the door to the car so the women could use the keys to unlock lockers containing gold coins. The men would collect gold bars from the truck while the women collected gold coins. Only one member of each team could be in the car at a time. The team to collect the most money in ten minutes would get to keep that money, win the trip to Universal Studios Orlando, and be Heist Fear Factor Champions. Home Invasion Stunt (Boa cage) Competing in this episode’s Home Invasion segment would be the Mosley family of Tempe, Arizona. Two family members would have to reach into a box of biting Amazon

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